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2014 Posters

Survey of the level of confidence and satisfaction among nursing home nurses regarding an intensive telegeriatrics nurse training programme

Telegeriatrics Nurse Training Course (TNTC) is a collaboration between Khoo Teck Puat Hospital and three partnering nursing homes (NHs). The aim of the study was to quantitatively measure the impact of the TNTC on NH nurses' self-reported confidence and satisfaction in their telemedicine knowledge and skills.

A pilot study of nursing home residents' transfers to the acute care hospital: a Singapore perspective

Older people living in nursing homes (NHs) are a vulnerable and complex population, with higher rates of hospitalisation. While hospitalisations are necessary for some cases, a portion of them are inappropriate and potentially avoidable. The study aimed to identify the profile of NH residents who were transferred to acute care hospital and determine hospital transfers which were potentially avoidable. 

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