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2019 Posters

Does a nurse-led preceptorship and telemedicine programme reduce ED transfers for nursing home palliative residents?

Supporting and keeping residents in nursing homes at their end-of-life requires trained nurses and adequate specialist palliative care support. The GeriCare Palliative programme was developed to improve the quality of palliative care through education, preceptorship and timely access to specialist palliative care through telemedicine. The study aimed to investigate the impact of the programme in reducing Emergency Department transfers and hospital admissions. 

Comparing the profile of nursing home residents who died in nursing home and hospital

Nursing home (NH) residents with end-of-life needs can be cared for in the nursing homes with appropriate support given. However, many of these residents continued to be admitted into the hospital. Understanding the profiles of residents who died in NH and hospitals might shed light into factors influencing admission rates. Therefore, the study aimed to compare the profiles of residents who died in NH and those who died in the hospital. 

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