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2021 Posters

Advance care planning: Hybrid Approach Beyond Pandemic

Advance Care Planning(ACP) is a dynamic process for Nursing Home (NH) residents to express their care preferences towards treatment options and End-of-Life (EOL) care. It is routinely conducted in the NH by GeriCare nurses and NH staff with the residents and their family members. The Aim of this of this project is to achieve at least 12 ACPs per month with good quality discussion despite Covid-19 restrictions.

Geri-Pall Approach: Improving Palliative Care for Nursing Home Residents

There are frequent hospital admissions of palliative care residents from Nursing Homes, which result in a high utilization rate of acute care resources and poor care for residents, therefore the aim of this project is to provide quality palliative care to NH residents and reduce unnecessary hospital admissions leading to the reduction of acute hospital resource utilization.

Does an Integrated Palliative Care Program Reduce Emergency Department Transfers for Nursing Home Palliative Residents?

The prevention of inappropriate Emergency Department (ED) transfer of Nursing Home (NH) residents helps to reduce iatrogenic complications and improve the quality of life, especially in palliative care residents. This project aims to evaluate the impact of the GeriCare Palliative Care Program in reducing ED transfers for NH Palliative residents.

The PowerFacts Study: Studying the effectiveness of Palliative Care Animated Videos on Knowledge and Attitudes of Nursing Home Healthcare Workers.

PowerFacts(PF), an innovative palliative medical animation, is a series of 12 medical animations created to teach basic palliative knowledge and concepts to Nursing home (NH) staff. Palliative care training is important to help NH nurses deliver good palliative care. However, palliative care training can be resource-intensive for both educators and learners. This project examines the effectiveness of PF in improving the knowledge and attitudes towards palliative care in NH staff.

Comparing the Profile of Palliative and Non-Palliative Nursing Home Residents Associated with Urgent Teleconsultations with an Acute Care Hospital in Singapore.

GeriCare provides medical support for geriatric and palliative care residents in the Nursing Homes (NH) via teleconsultation. However, the profiles and needs of palliative and non-palliative residents requiring urgent medical care from NH are not known. This project aims to identify the profile of palliative and non-palliative residents, in addition, compare the reasons for urgent teleconsultation between palliative and non-palliative residents.

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