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Our Courses

TeleGeriatrics Nurse Training (TNTC)

Palliative Care Course For Long Term Care Nurses

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We equip the nurses with knowledge and skills to develop quality person-centered geriatric care.

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We enhance competencies of nurses to provide quality care for residents with palliative care needs.

Practical Palliative Care Course For Long Term Care Nurses
GeriCare Education and Training (GREAT) 

We aim to provide an overview of palliative care and practical tips for healthcare staff to provide end-of-life care for residents. 

We build capabilities of nursing home staff to provide basic geriatric nursing care for residents.

Advance Care Planning Training

We aim to train nursing home staff to facilitate ACP conversations with their residents and family.

Situation-Background-Assessment-Recommendation (SBAR) Online Course

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We aim to equip nursing home staff with a structured and easy to use tool for efficient communication.

Tele-Continuing Professional Education (Tele-CPE)

We invite expert speakers to share on their knowledge relating to nursing home care.



PowerFacts are bite-sized fun learning videos catering to people who want to learn at their own pace and time.

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