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PowerFacts Course Outline

PowerFacts are bite-sized fun learning videos catering to people who want to learn at their own pace and time. Centering on healthcare issues such as Palliative Care, Geriatric Care, Dementia, such big topics are broken down into modules and shown over a series of mini videos. Everyone can access these videos online, free-of-charge. The language is kept simple and easy to understand for the non-English native speakers.

Learning Objectives:

  • To improve your learning experience, please complete the short quiz found on the description box of each video. Upon completion of each main module, you will be able to:

  1. Enhance your knowledge of various healthcare topics

  2. Be familiar with the different medical terms and symptoms

  3. Apply your understanding of your everyday life


  • If you are a staff from a nursing home/organization, you are required to sign up through your nursing home/organization. You are required to complete the main module (including a Pre and Post Assessment Questionnaire) within 3 months. 

Target Learners:

  • Open to all (All healthcare workers, administrators, etc.)

Teaching Methods:

  • Online learning

    • The number of online videos will depend on the main module. The first module on Basics of Palliative Care will have 12 videos.

  • E- Assessments

    • A short quiz at the end of each video.

    • Pre and Post Assessment Questionnaires to assess your understanding before and after watching the videos.


Certification Guideline:

  • In order to obtain an e-Certificate of Completion, a participant must:

  1. Complete the Pre-Assessment Questionnaire before going through the videos.

  2. Complete all E-learning videos of the main module and a short quiz at the end of each video.

  3. Complete the Post-Assessment Questionnaire after going through the video series and short quizzes.

  4. Attain at least a minimum score of 75% for the Post-Assessment Questionnaire.

  5. A participant may repeat the Post-Assessment Questionnaire if unable to achieve the passing score on the first attempt.  Subsequently, a maximum of 2 attempts is allowed

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