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Situation-Background-Assessment-Recommendation (SBAR) Online Course

This course aims to offer practical strategies and to equip healthcare workers with a structured and easy to use communication tool. SBAR provides a structure for healthcare workers to frame communications for effective, prompt, and appropriate communication in healthcare organisations. SBAR enables healthcare workers to speak a common language, resolve differences in communication styles, and enhance patient safety.

Learning Objectives:

  • Understand the nature and causes of communication breakdowns 

  • Understand the importance of effective communication 

  • Recognise situations where communication can be improved using SBAR

  • Develop skills on the use of SBAR both verbally and in writing during daily activities

Target Learners:

  • Nursing Aides, Enrolled Nurses, Staff Nurses, Allied Health Professionals

  • Class size: 16 - 20 participants 

Teaching Methods:

  • Online learning 

E- Assessments:

  • Multiple-choice assessment 

  • Short answer questions

  • Video assessment


  • 2 hours (1-hour online learning, 1-hour E-Assessment)

  • Learners will be given 2 weeks to complete the online course

Certification guidelines:

  • In order to obtain certification of the course, a student must:

  1. Complete all E-learning modules

  2. Attain at least a minimum score of 75% for each of the assessment

  3. A student may repeat and re-submit the assessment/s if unable to achieve the passing score. A maximum of 3 attempts were unable to achieve the passing score. A maximum of 3 attempts is allowed for each assessment

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