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TeleGeriatrics Nurse Training Course (TNTC)

The TeleGeriatrics Nurse Training Course is a 14-week online course that focuses on the professional and educational needs of registered and enrolled nurses from Long-Term Care (LTC) service providers that are engaged in Telemedicine. The participants will have the knowledge, skills, and information required to facilitate a safe, effective, and efficient telemedicine consultation. The course provides training in the following areas: history taking that includes medical, functional, mental, and social domains; basic physical examination skills in various body systems; symptoms management; have the right approach to case presentation and skills on using the video conference system. 

Learning Objectives:

  • To identify and assess the clinical problems of residents in nursing homes 

  • To complete the TeleGeriatrics Assessment Form in a proper and orderly manner 

  • To present the case (residents) during a telemedicine consultation using the SBAR technique 

  • To perform required physical examinations during a telemedicine consultation 

  • To recommend suitable interventions and treatments for the residents 

  • To follow-up and conduct case management for the residents 


Target Learners: 

  • Registered nurses and Enrolled nurses 

  • Class size: 12 participants 

Teaching Methods:

  • Online e-learning videos

  • Instructor-led training activities (via video conference) 

Assessment Methods:

  • Objective Structured Clinical Examination (OSCE)

  • Clinical competency assessments

  • Multiple-choice tests

  • On-the-job training 



  • 14 weeks (approximately 36 hours), excluding final OSCE and On-the-job training  


  • Online video conference (zoom) platform

Pre-requisites for the final OSCE:

  • 100% attendance of instructor-led training via video conference

  • 75% passing grade in the written assessment (Cumulative Quiz +50-item Multiple Choice Questions)

Certification/Graduation criteria:

  • Passing the Final OSCE

  • OJT (4 passed marks)



  • Ms. Gerlie Magpantay, Senior Clinical Educator, GeriCare.

  • Ms. Sim Lai Kiow, Nurse Clinician, Palliative Care, GeriCare.

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