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Officially launched by GeriCare on 3rd February 2021, PowerFacts are bite-sized educational videos on various healthcare issues. These videos are fun and easy to understand, and pegged to audiences of all ages and occupations. Bite-sized morsels of information so that it is easier for you to digest. You can view them anytime, and anywhere! 


The first module will be on the Basics of Palliative Care. And what’s more, each video comes with a link for you to complete a short quiz to help with your learning.


Follow us on our Facebook, Instagram, and Youtube if you wish to be kept informed when we launch a new module.

Our Story


Long long time ago, people of GeriCare found learning through conventional methods way too boring. They began to find innovative ways to make learning interesting for everyone.

One day, one of them doodled a stickman and found that learning can be made fun through animation!

GeriCare derived their inspiration from the words "Power nap" - a little rest can power us through the day. Likewise, they believe that snack-sized facts can make learning effective and sustainable. With that in mind, PowerFacts is birthed to deliver fun and engaging educational videos.

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