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Who We Are



Developing partnerships with nursing homes to enhance the care of their residents.


  1. Supporting nursing homes with person-centred Palliative and Geriatric Care.

  2. Empower residents to communicate their goals and preferences through Advance Care Planning.

  3. Leveraging on training and technology to enhance care in nursing homes.

  4. Creating a Community of Practice (COP) amongst healthcare professionals working in and with nursing homes.



  1. To enhance the quality of life of nursing home residents through individualised and holistic care.

  2. To ensure appropriate utilization of acute healthcare resources and foster right-sitting care for nursing home residents.

  3. To strengthen competencies and professionalism of the Long-Term Care sector.


GeriCare Logo.png


Trees have long been associated with growth and wisdom. In GeriCare, the tree represents the nursing home residents who are the focus of our programme. The elderly residents are synonymous with wisdom and experience as they grow with age.


Symbolizes the nursing homes. The outstretched branches demonstrate the growing role of nursing homes beyond the traditional role of providing basic care to providing enhanced care, conducting research and working in collaboration with community partners and regional hospitals.

Leaves & Colours 

The leaves epitomize the fruits of our labour (training). Just as leaves beautify and add life to a tree, the leaves here represent the smiles, laughter and joy from residents experiencing improved quality of life in a cheerful and happy environment.

The varied colours represent the diversity of residents and staff commonly found in nursing homes.


The roots represent the trainings that we conduct. Just like a tree growing up from a seed, our trainings are developed from the ground up together with the nursing homes. Like roots weaving their way through the ground as it sources for water, our training will change according to the varying and growing needs of the nursing homes and the community.


'Care Closer To You'

The main goal of GeriCare is to ensure that nursing home residents receive timely care and treatment, at the right place, time and cost.


Consistent with our tagline, we want to bring end-of-life and geriatric care right into the nursing homes, providing care that is structured around the resident’s needs while empowering and enhancing the skills of the nurses working in the nursing homes.

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