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GeriCare Education and Training (GREAT)

This course serves to enhance the skills and knowledge of Nursing Aide and Healthcare Assistant to provide basic geriatric and palliative nursing care for the residents in nursing homes. It aims to improve their capabilities and skillsets so that they can perform competent and essential nursing care and procedures such as (amongst others), skin and oral care, bladder and bowel care, safe feeding techniques, symptom management, person-centered and end-of-life care. 

All clinical practices taught at this course will align with the Ministry of Health's Enhanced Nursing Home Standards (ENHS). 

Learning Objectives:

  • To understand the important role of nursing aides and healthcare assistants

  • To be competent to deliver basic nursing care so as to reduce the risk of disease complications 

  • To assess symptoms and provide timely care management 

  • To advocate for the residents to receive dignified and end-of-life care


Target Learners:

  • Nursing Aides and Healthcare Assistants 

  • Class size: 16 participants 

Teaching Methods:

  • Online learning

  • Instructors-led training activities (via video conference)

  • Team-based learning 

Assessment Methods:

  • Classroom participation and discussions

  • Multiple-choice test 

  • Clinical practice logbook


  • 32 hours 


  • Ms. Gerlie Magpantay, Senior Clinical Educator, GeriCare.

  • Ms. Sim Lai Kiow, Nurse Clinician, Palliative Care, GeriCare

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